Canva Skills Test 1

When Finished Submit URL Again!

When you finish, submit your Canva Template URL below.

It’s time to focus! Find a place to work with no distraction. This is a timed test. The test can only be taken once.

You may use as little or as much of the 90 minutes as you need. When your 90 minutes is up or before, submit your Canva Skill Test 1 URL again below.

Instructions Setup

  • Open the Canva Skills Test 1 Template in Canva.
  • Review the Useful Tips and open the suggested links.
  • Review the template as you read the Design Goals below.
  • Fill out the form below and submit your new Template link.

Instructions During Test

  • Use ClipDrop features image Cleanup (for removal of objects such as light fixtures in farmhouse backgrounds) and Remove Background (for removal of any backgrounds) when required.
  • Open in another tab Bing Farmhouse Decor Search. You will use Bing Farmhouse Decor images to find backgrounds for your test.
  • Take light fixtures (white backgrounds) at the bottom of the Template and use them to create a new product template according to these Instructions and Design Details.
  • Read the step-by-step Canva Skills Test Instructions PDF.

Anatomy of Product Design

When you finish you should only have eleven pages. Remove all pages of the original template.

Design Goals

Follow all instructions accurately during duration of the test.

Maintain the same page & image layout as shown in the Skill Test Template.

Search Bing here to find imaginative and creative farmhouse background that will properly show off your light fixture and appeal to buyers.

ighting placement in each farmhouse background image (Canva pages/images 1 thru 5) accurately displays the lights usefulness.

The positioning of the light fixture in the backgrounds is realistic, natural, and blends into the room’s tonal qualities and ambient.

High-resolution close-ups of light fixtures show its features with exceptional quality.

Assure the consistency of color, hue, and tone throughout the layout.

Make any required adjustments to the background highlights or tones if necessary.

Use of shadow for attaching light to ceiling or in the backgrounds is realistic.



Keep this window open.
2. Use your custom template URL to begin.
3. When finished, submit your test URL below.
4. Click End Test.

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